Man Headbutts Wife in Horrible Ad for Social-Event Website

Play on site's name gets lost in translation

Here's your daily dose of horrible violence against women in advertising—a Portuguese commercial for a social-events website in which a husband gives his wife a nasty headbutt. Lovely. Adweek's resident Portuguese expert, Nick Mrozowski, who sent us this link about the spot, tells us the attack is supposed to be a play on the site's name: "Vai Bater can translate literally to 'go hit,' but the name of the site is more likely a reference to a heartbeat, as in 'a sua coração vai bater,' or 'your heart will beat,' as in, these events are exciting … and maybe you'll find a better girlfriend there. So, the ad is a play on the double meaning." Needless to say, bashing a woman in the head in service to a pun is a questionable tactic. The tagline is: "Vai Bater! Events close to you. Choose the event. Live the moment!" The woman in the ad is Monica Sofia, a singer and Playboy model. The man is apparently her real-life husband.