Man, is he gonna regret that Ray-Ban tattoo!

Yes, Cutwater has a new "Never Hide" video up, and unlike the last few, this one is getting the blog love. For those n00bs who haven't been following the Never Hide clips, their previous big hit was "Sunglasses Catch," which, at 4.5 million views, has already entered the popular-enough-for-parody zone. Amusingly, Boing Boing posted the tattoo vid with a note saying there is "some evidence" this could be a viral marketing campaign. Could be? Naw, the Never Hide people work Ray-Bans into all their films, use the company tagline and link back to the Ray-Ban site just for kicks. So, yes, it's a marketing campaign. Now, is the tattoo real? Well, as Veer's crowdsourcing logo contest showed us, it's easy to fake a tattoo. Much easier than faking a cow giving birth to a man.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers