Man Crowdsources His Marriage Proposal

Len Kendall meme-pops the question via Photoshop game

It's all about the nerdy marriage proposals this month. Back on Valentine's Day, a guy proposed to his girlfriend via an infographic (with data proving the mathematical rarity of her perfection). Now, Len Kendall has proposed to his girlfriend by getting the Photoshop buzzards to help out. He posted a photo of himself on one knee to BuzzFeed, and then asked the site's visitors to "Help Me Convince Katie To Say Yes!" by Photoshopping the image into Internet meme-y situations. Check out the comment string (11 pages and counting) to see the crowdsourced creations. Gotta say, it's not quite as romantic when you rope hundreds of strangers into your big moment. And Len did have to deal with a couple of rogue images. (One jokingly proclaimed: "Say no. Douche should've asked you in person.") But it's a moot point. Katie said yes. Via Adland.