Man Cleans Up the Hairy Apartment in His Pants in Schick’s Manscaping Musical

Make the place presentable, will you?

If you have an animal, you can surely identify with having their dander all over your living space. It can be tricky to clean up after them and make the space presentable for guests. 

Well, what if your apartment was your pants, and your pet hair was—uh, your very own locks of love? I mean, you love yourself and it shouldn't matter, right? Not so fast there, Sasquatch. Having guests over might be a problem. 

Hirsutes, rejoice! Schick and JWT New York have given us a catchy little jingle in this ad for the Schick Hydro, aimed at getting you to clean up the "Crib in Your Pants" so guests might be able to easily find your tree in the forest. 

Take a look below, and consider trimming Harry and the Hendersons.

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