Man Celebrates 50th Wedding Anniversary on Enormous Billboard

Wife is suitably impressed

Colorado resident Lee Bolin, the old softie, celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary by putting up a huge billboard about it, which is the classier version of spray painting your wife's name on a water tower. The billboard reads, "50 Years and Still Glowing," and is dedicated to his wife Mickey, who was pretty stoked about the whole thing. Lee even blindfolded her and took her to the site for the big reveal, just to amp up the surprise factor. Good thing they have a solid marriage, or she might have wondered whether they were headed to a cold and lonely field outside of town for a different activity that would make the local news. Good thing, too, that none of their friends drove by the ad beforehand and spilled the beans to Mickey, since Lee apparently didn't plan on that. There's a reference to a Bible verse on the billboard, too—Jeremiah 29:11, which is about optimism for the future—which for this couple might entail a Super Bowl commercial if they make it to 75.

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