Mamet for Ford? It’s Not Such a Stretch

Mamet Playwright David Mamet has directed a Ford commercial (below) that breaks tonight on American Idol. Given the prospects for live theater, that’s probably not such a bad career move for the auteur, known for high-octane dramas like Glengarry Glen Ross. Mamet’s hallmarks — choppy, high-decibel dialog, urban-hysteric imagery, testosterone-crazed male bonding and betrayal — seem particularly conducive to car ads. So, I’m not sure how we’ll tell his effort from run-of-the-mill Ford fare. Now, if Sam Beckett concocted a TV spot, that would be something special: Drivers immersed up to their necks in a junk-heap of competitors’ scrap parts—crumpled doors of BMWs, a shattered windscreen from a crashed Lexus. They’d scream “Ford! Ford!” as the tagline “What are you waiting for?” slid across the screen. Alas, Beckett’s dead. But Harvey Fierstein’s alive. Maybe he should give Firestone a call about a trilogy of spots.