Malaria is a real horror show in spoof trailer

Has there been a surge in malaria diagnoses lately? Everyone seems to be talking about it, from John Mayer to this trailer for The Hunting Moon, which sounds like a YA novel about vampire Indians but is actually (spoiler alert!) an elaborate hoax to promote Malaria No More, an anti-malaria organization. Red Bee Media put it together, even making a Hunting Moon Web site, which puts the idea in context with MNM's goal of stamping out malaria. The campaign is reminiscent of Serve Marketing's fake horror flick 2028, which was actually a teen-pregnancy effort. Too bad The Hunting Moon is fake—this would be an ideal setup for a good survival horror flick, which is way more interesting to me than Saw XII or however many they've made by now. See the Mayer spot (which includes other celebs) after the jump.