Maker of Stupid Banana Slicer Thrilled by Sarcastic Reviews on Amazon

Hutzler can laugh at itself. Can you?

It's become a tradition among Amazon users: Find the stupidest products for sale on the site, and write sarcastically glowing reviews of them. The examples are legendary: the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt, of course, and also Bic for Her pens. Now, the latest idiotic product to get a ceremonial roasting is the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer, a little plastic gizmo that lets you "slice an entire banana with one quick motion." Universally panned as something completely unnecessary, the product is thus being faux-celebrated as a milestone of human invention. Mock reviews have been flooding into the product's Amazon page in recent days, though in fact, this is just the latest surge of sarcasm directed at it. The most popular comment (23,604 of 23,792 people found it helpful) was posted in March 2011: