Make Sweet, Sweet Love (and Lots of Babies), Says Mentos

Candy brand's awesome anthem in Singapore

In today's world of 7 billion people, you rarely see ad campaigns that encourage people to fire up the baby cannon. However, Singapore has a low birthrate. So, to goose the population, the country is offering financial incentives for giving birth and has declared this Thursday, Aug. 9, to be "National Night" for gettin' it on. To help out, candy brand Mentos has whipped up a super-groovy national baby-making anthem. Ad agency BBH is responsible for laying down the boot-knockin' track with a seductive beat, set amusingly to kinetic type in the video below. The Mentos Anthem is available for free download on the brand's Facebook page, where it is specified via asterisk that "financially secure adults in stable, committed, long-term relationships" should be the only one making these babies. So, stock up on Mentos, Singapore, and get ready to give birth to a nation.