Make last call a Bootie call

In today’s in-your-face marketing culture, it was probably just a matter of time before someone came out with a beer called Bootie. And that’s just what an Orlando, Fla., company has done. The marketer hopes to distribute the beer nationally within two years, selling it wherever other major brands are available, “unless the store owner is offended by the name,” says Bootie Beer Co. CEO Tania Torruella. I wouldn’t worry about it, Tania. Let’s face it, you’re not exactly going for an image of Granny knitting wool slippers for the wee ones, are you? Not judging from this quote: “Everybody loves money, loves sex and they love beer.” Bootie is the “Maxim of beers,” Torruella adds. Promotional plans include hand-picking “hot” female models from Boston, where the beer is being launched, sponsoring local events and possibly even creating a magazine. So, call it the Hooters theory of brand marketing. Clearly lacking in good taste. But does it taste good? Grab some Bootie and decide for yourself.