Made-Up Sports Fill the Void in Cute Buffalo Wild Wings Ad

Some UGC fun from The Martin Agency

Some two-ply skills. Buffalo Wild Wings

Much like any advertising jargon is born, someone went up on stage and uttered the phrase “user-generated content.” Then, we got the acronym of UGC on which to focus our disdain.

Brands and agencies may be looking to the masses for content as the coronavirus has virtually shut down video production and photoshoots. Those homemade videos made months ago could be the creative fodder of today. But we still need some standards, right?

For its part, Buffalo Wild Wings and The Martin Agency may have found a juicy little sweet spot: made-up sports at home.

In their latest ad, which went from brief to live in six days, the brand and agency scoured the internet and unearthed some truly unique ways to replace the loss of live sports.

“We’re a brand that connects people over their shared love of sports,” said B-Dub CMO Seth Freeman. “And even though sports aren’t on TV, they’re still playing out in living rooms across the globe. So it was only fitting that we acknowledge them. And in doing so, hopefully, make fans feel a little more connected.”

There is a Dude Perfect meets Robin Hood-inspired golf game, a chipping-a-ping-pong-ball master and weird hockey things involving one-wheeled skateboards and treadmills, tailor-made for ESPN 8, The Ocho. We also see some serious soccer skills (indoors using toilet paper or outside at a safe social distance) and classic hoop games.

We all know that none of this is a replacement for March Madness, NBA, soccer, or any sport for that matter. But, considering what’s going on at the moment, it’ll do. And who knows? Perhaps we’ll see more fun stuff like this and start to warm up to the acronym, UGC, that turned us off before.

@zanger Doug Zanger is a senior editor, agencies at Adweek, focusing on creativity and agencies.