‘Mad Men’ actors: the real ads they’ve done

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After four seasons of making advertising cool again, it’s no surprise that the cast of AMC’s Mad Men are getting gigs in the modern marketing world. What’s surprising is that we haven’t seen more of it. This week, Ford announced that silver-haired John Slattery (aka, Roger Sterling) will be the face and voice of the Lincoln brand in a new ad campaign. But Slattery isn’t the first of the show’s stars to venture into the commercial break. After the jump, check out a gallery of ads—old and new—from the men and women of Mad Men.

Jon Hamm

Mad Men‘s main man got a jump on his costar by landing his own auto-spokesman gig earlier this year. Hamm, who plays the unflappable adman Don Draper, was announced in March as the voice of Mercedes-Benz in a spot (like Slattery’s) promoting technical innovation:

Of course, Hamm’s true ad chops are best demonstrated in his Saturday Night Live pitch for “Jon Hamm’s John Ham”:

UPDATE: Turns out Hamm, a St. Louis native, is also quite the Missouri promoter. Here are two more of his spots: one for the University of Missouri, and one for the St. Louis Blues.

John Slattery

Here’s the first Slattery spot in the aforementioned new Lincoln campaign:

And Slattery has done the fauxmercial thing, too—pitching gold for Stephen Colbert. Slattery offers keen investment advice, such as, “After our propped-up banks fail, gold will be the only law in the afterscape.” Check out Slattery, and his pitch for a gold-women-sheep portfolio, at the 4:25 mark in this clip:

Elisabeth Moss

Shortly before she became famous as Peggy Olson (but after becoming slightly less famous as President Bartlet’s daughter on The West Wing), Moss was featured in a humdrum 2005 Excedrin ad. Realizing they had a chance to get more mileage from the spot, Excedrin put it back on the air earlier this year.

Christina Hendricks

Playing Mad Men‘s voluptuous vixen Joan Holloway made Hendricks a star, but only after a decade of small parts on shows like Firefly and ER. Along the way, she popped up in a few ads, such as a forgettable Clean and Clear commercial and this 60-second Visa spot alongside Pierce Brosnan in 1997:

January Jones

The one glaring omission in this roster? January Jones. Mad Men‘s Betty Draper hasn’t made an ad since her early days as a print model for Clearasil and Abercrombie and Fitch. There aren’t many Internet-preserved moments from that work, except this, purportedly from one of her Abercrombie photo shoots:

Which Mad Men star would you like to see pitching in the 21st century? Or apparently the question is, which car should they be pitching?

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