Macklemore Gives Surprise Performance on a Bronx Bus to Promote the Grammys

And no, he didn't sing 'Thrift Shop'

To help promote the Jan. 26 telecast of the Grammy Awards, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis treated (or perhaps subjected) some Bronx, N.Y., bus riders to a taste of their No. 1 hit "Can't Hold Us." The duo is nominated for seven honors this year, including album of the year.

Commuters dance and clap along to the beat and seem to be admirably enthusiastic, considering how few were likely Macklemore fans. You'd have to go all the way to Denmark to find a happier bus! Some commenters rightly question just how "impromptu" the transit performance, part of the "Music Unleashes Us" Grammys campaign, really was, especially given the natty camerawork on display.

Staged or not, it's practically life-affirming compared to some recent ads that involve the (presumably) unsuspecting public. Like a certain vomiting devil baby.

Check out the performance below and a related promo clip featuring an impressively flexible geriatric dancer after the jump.