Machu Picchu gets relocated in airline ad

One way to get people to visit your country (though they may never come a second time) is to entice them with wondrous historic sites that you don’t actually have. In a recent poster, Royal Nepal Airlines showed a photo of the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, along with the headline, “Have you seen Nepal?” People who have seen Nepal, or Machu Picchu, may be confused by this, since Machu Picchu is not in Nepal. It’s in Peru—which is halfway around the world from Nepal. How this mistake happened is anyone’s guess (someone did end up getting fired), but it’s not the first time Machu Picchu has taken the brunt of an advertising mistake. Anyone remember when JWT dropped a 1,000-pound crane on a sacred Inca sun clock at Machu Picchu in 2000 while filming a beer commercial?