Mac, PC to get loaded on eggnog together

Apple_1 Mac and PC try to put aside their differences in this very enjoyable holiday spot from Apple. Meanwhile, in his other life, John Hodgman (who plays the PC) is trying to pacify his non-U.S. fans, who have been excluded from the U.S.-only iTunes offer this week of a free audiobook download of Hodgman’s book, The Areas of My Expertise. On his blog, Hodgman explains (minus some all caps): “It is true, you are all out of luck. … This is not done out of spite (except perhaps in the case of Canada) but because you live in sovereign nations, some of which currently offer no legal edition of my book to begin with in any format (including microfiche) and one of which (Canada) persists in having its own laws, economy, and publishing territories despite our obvious kinship and mutual love of fries with gravy. I’m sorry if you feel vexed or disappointed.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd