For a low $49.99, you too can go for a walk!

Do you like walking but hate the idea of taking a break from consumer electronics? Well, Nintendo has just the solution for you. For just $49.99, the new video game Personal Trainer: Walking helps you track your progress through a revolutionary device that measures the number of steps you've taken. "It's pretty much a pedometer. Period," gushes one 2-star review on Amazon. To be fair, the game has some neat features, like illustrating how far you've walked on a global map. And it is nice to see anything that encourages gamers to get moving. But I'm not quite sure if I buy this video's pitch that the game "makes a walk more than a mode of transportation or routine physical activity—it makes walking productive and fun." Call me a Luddite, but I think I could have just as much of a ribald good time with a $5 pedometer and a sheet of graph paper.

—Posted by David Griner

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