Love, New York style

Too bad we missed the opportunity when our own nuptials occurred 10 years ago, because the New York Post is now actively soliciting wedding announcements via a big banner on its site’s home page. In the Big Apple, such write-ups of wedding bliss have been pretty much owned by The New York Times for several more decades than we’ve been on the planet. (Yes, The Daily News has recently introduced wedding coverage, too, but the Times still rules.)

Now, AdFreak would never suggest that, by introducing wedding coverage, the Post is really going head-to-head with the Grey Lady (though their weekend real estate section, like the Times’ newly redesigned one, rocks), but just think of the possibilities of the outlandish, sometimes outrageous Post offering up the wedding stories of actual New Yorkers. Though the Times has certainly become more democratic in its coverage—couples need no longer be members of the Social Register, or heterosexual for that matter—the Post is bound to bring a whole new spin to New York marriage. We got a taste from surfing through a small sampling of married couples who are already featured on the Post’s site. They included a UPS driver from Queens and a couple whose wedding reception was crashed by an Elvis impersonator.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

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