Love Cards Against Humanity and Hating on Donald Trump? Have We Got the Game for You

The anti-social party game gets even more so

The Sid Lee Collective, an agency incubator for Sid Lee's non-commercial creative projects, took a few choice Donald Trump quotes and transformed them into an unofficial Cards Against Humanity expansion pack—Trump Against Humanity: A Party Game About a Horrible Person.

Seriously. You couldn't make this shit up, and neither did they. 

The Collective scoured the media for the very best, most offensive and nonsensical Trump quotes they could find, limited themselves to 30 (somehow) and built their deck, which lets you take phrases like "Make ____ great again," and respond with stuff like "Father-Daughter Incest" or "A Short Fingered Vulgarian."

Jeffrey Da Silva, co-executive creative director of Sid Lee in Canada, came up with the idea at the start of the primaries. "Trump floods everyone's newsfeeds. He's the most talked about person in the world right now. We just couldn't help ourselves," he tells AdFreak. 

On getting the Collective to weigh in on Trump, Da Silva explains, "The Sid Lee Collective is a creative incubator that helps fund, produce and exhibit the passion projects of our staff all over the world. It creates an environment where people are always thinking about ideas, big and small—for clients, for themselves, or for Trump."

The incubator has worked on a variety of projects, including art exhibits, the world's most uncomfortable meeting room chairs, and even a machine that knits tweets in real-time. But they didn't expect the yuuuge reaction to this latest idea.

"We thought it had the potential to be yuuuge, but we didn't have any media weight behind it," Da Silva says. "The whole thing started with just a couple FB posts."

Demand is such that they've created a website for the expansion pack. Drop by, and drop in your email for a chance to get one.

For those wondering whether this is even legal, consider that Cards Against Humanity is itself a ripoff of a game called Apples to Apples. Since you can't actually copyright game mechanics, anyone is free to continue the meme. As a result, lots of completely legal, money-making, unofficial Cards Against Humanity expansions already exist, including Crabs Adjust Humidity and Cats Abiding Horribly.

Two years ago, ad agency The Juggernaut, also based in Canada, created Advertising Against Humanity, an expansion pack for horrible ad people. And in addition to Cards Against Humanity's own instructions for creating custom cards, other non-official websites exist to help you make them, too.

Asked whether the Sid Lee Collective plans to follow Trump Against Humanity with a game like Cards Against Hillary or Coots Against Hegemony—or maybe something for whatever whackjob third-party candidate inevitably adds their name to this demented funhouse mirror of an election—Da Silva says, "Not yet, but that's a great idea!" 

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.