Louis Vuitton Plays Spot the Difference in Pair of 60-Second Ads

Can you see the discrepancies in Yayoi Kusama spots?

Fashion's not my thing. I own two pairs of pants, both tan corduroys. And I'm hopeless when it comes to Spot the Difference games. As a kid, I'd squint at the image on the left, then the one on the right, perspiration stinging my eyes as I searched for minor variations. I'd always miss some ridiculous detail, like one cow having no udders, or all the people in one picture having two heads. Anyhoo, Louis Vuitton and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama have joined forces for a new fashion collection, and they're promoting it in window displays and a pop-up store at London's Selfridges with a variation on Spot the Difference. Blogger Bip Ling stars in two 60-second clips draped in Kusama's polka-dot Vuitton fashions while prancing around an artsy set, as bad poetry (also by Kusama) plays on the soundtrack. It's a sendup of the pretentious world of style, I guess. If you can spot five discrepancies between the clips, submit them to @LouisVuitton_UK (with the hashtag #LVKusama) by Sept. 7. to win a copy of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, illustrated by Kusama. Because who wouldn't want one of those, right? After two visits from IT and an assist from AdFreak's summer intern, I managed to get both videos playing in different windows at the same time. Lemme see … Left, right, left, right … Sorry, I tried. To me, they look identical, each as cloying and insufferably tiresome as the other. Second clip, and campaign credits, after the jump.

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