Louis CK One Is a Mashup That Smells Like Perfection

Self-loathing and despair with hints of citrus

What do you get when you combine the soulless, artsy advertising imagery of CK One with the doughy, balding, angst-sweaty magnificence of Louis C.K.? One awesome Tumblr, that's what.

Louis CK One is a mashup that combines images of the comedian, famous for keeping it real, with the plastic, hyperstylized aesthetic of Calvin Klein. Bogus billboards and faux magazine spreads display his pot belly and shiny pate in close proximity to stylish "Louis CK One" bottles, creating an image so oxymoronic it becomes social satire.

Refinery29 guesses at the "Louis CK One" bouquet: "Aniseed and pizza grease? Citrus and flop sweat? Baby powder and righteous rage?" Hey wait, that's what the real CK One smells like!

The joke ads posted so far are great, but I'm hoping for a parody of Calvin Klein's pretentious commercials. Imagine a Louis C.K. impersonator (or the real deal) rocking a black sleeveless number, wagging his Doritos-smeared middle finger at the camera and lamenting, as he did last year to Conan O'Brien, "You never feel completely sad or completely happy; you just feel kinda satisfied with your product, and then you die!"