Lots of Super Bowl Ads Had Puppies or Dads. Only Doritos Did One With Puppy Dads

There was just one small problem

If you watched this year's Super Bowl ads, you noticed two prevailing themes: cute puppies and awesome dads. Capitalizing on this trend, Doritos decided to combine the concepts in an online Super Bowl spot on Sunday—by reuniting a delightful French bulldog named Doritos with his even more adorable puppy, Nacho.

Now, watching dads heartwarmingly reunite with their sons usually brings a tear to the viewer's eye. But here it's a little different. This one is decidedly less poignant, unless you get choked up by butt sniffing and farting.

The clip was one of several that the snack food brand produced in response to different Super Bowl spots, including Victoria's Secret and Nationwide. See those spots below.