Lots of Mr. Nice Guy in Coke’s ‘GTA’ spoof

In Wieden + Kennedy’s latest Coke ads, nothing is quite as it appears. The “Happiness Factory” spot is all cheery and happy and fun, except for a little mass slaughter of snowmen. Now we get “Videogame,” a cool new commercial that spoofs Grand Theft Auto, with a mirrored-sunglassed anti-hero prowling the streets, looking like he’s going to smash a Coke bottle over someone’s head. But actually, he’s a hero after all. All he wants to do is spread some cheer. It’s a great piece of animation. The only glitch is when he goes to drink the soda. When, exactly, does he open the bottle? Perhaps all Coke bottles go topless in this world. Via ’boards and Brentter.

—Posted by Tim Nudd