Lost Bets Lead to Sad, Hilarious Fates in Great ESPN Spot

Think twice before you shake on it

Clemson fans, this one's for you! College football fanatics are shown suffering humiliating fates after losing "gentlemen's bets" placed on their beloved teams in this new ESPN spot. One loser winds up roaming the streets clad in a diaper and baby bonnet. Another rings a bell while publicly sporting a sign proclaiming his reign as the "Fart King." Still another must eat a dish best served cold: the chest hair of the guy who won the wager, sprinkled on a post-game snack. Wieden + Kennedy crafted the diverting spot as part of its ongoing "It's not crazy, it's sports" campaign for ESPN. These are gentlemen's bets because, let's face it, women would never make such ridiculous wagers, let alone follow through when they lose. They just don't understand that sometimes the bro code of honor requires us to dress like giant babies and cry "Whaaa!" beneath an overpass all night long. And they look at us like we're nuts when we try to explain! Ah well, it's probably wise to take the ad's cautionary message to heart. Next time I bet on my favorite team, I'll play it safe and just bet the rent money.

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