Looney Vlogger’s Harry Potter Eulogy Set Wonderfully to Music

The suits at Warner Bros. aren't the only ones who benefit from Pottermania. Take, for instance, local-commercial heroes Rhett and Link, who write jingles and frequently burst into song to promote mom-and-pop businesses around the country. Now, they added music to a distraught YouTube rant from a Harry Potter megafan. The vlogger, dubbed Macadole, just can't believe the blockbuster movie/book franchise is over. OVER!!! The Rhett and Link video promotes their show Commercial Kings, a new IFC series that follows the pair's low-tech, micro-budgeted marketing adventures. They're known for catchy songs that get stuck on a loop in your head after you hear them once. So, fair warning. If you don't want to be humming "Harry Potter Song: Amazing" all day, don't watch.