Looking for a Weird Way to Settle Scores? Oreo Suggests You ‘Lick for It’

Clean off that Double Stuf pronto

Oreo would like you to start solving your conflicts by scrubbing its cookies against your tongue as fast as you possibly can.

This new spot from AKQA London (and Mind's Eye director Luke Bellis) shows pairs of what appear to be siblings and friends squaring off over various disputes—like riding shotgun in a car whose backseat is stuffed to the brim, picking what to watch on TV, or taking the blame for knocking the head off a statue with a soccer ball. But instead of, you know, flipping a coin or playing Rock Paper Scissors, they whip out Double Stuf Oreos, put on the stupidest faux-intense-concentration faces they can muster, and compete to be first to transfer all the cream from their cookies onto their tongues.

"We've all got something to settle," reads the copy. "Lick for it," adds the tagline, using a verb that doesn't quite accurately describe the action portrayed in the preceding spot.

It's a somewhat strange commercial, with slightly too much close-up footage of people's mouths, and it can't help but evoke Tootsie Roll Pops, which long ago cornered the repetitive-licking theme in advertising. But maybe it's just not meant for olds like us to understand. The target demographic is clearly tween-ish, a point driven home by the bad dubstep soundtrack.

It is hard to believe any sane person would have the patience not to just eat the cookie.