Is Lonelygirl15 a fraud?

From her bedroom, Lonelygirl15 opines on life as a homeschooled 16-year old, exploring her favorite topics in science and her budding relationship with friend and expert video editor Danielbeast. Since Lonelygirl15 began posting videos last month, she’s become a YouTube sensation, drawing hundreds of thousands of viewers. Perhaps, as New York Times critic Virginia Heffernan recently wrote, she "perfects the emo girl-in-her-room pose, balancing playful and moody as she muses about her life and times." Heffernan thinks she deserves a show on MTV. Alternatively, plenty find her videos a little too polished, what with professional-appearing lighting and story arcs, not to mention supposedly religious parents OK with her and Danielbeast playing with a Web cam in her bedroom.  So just who is Lonelygirl15? A young, uber-talented YouTube auteur? Or a slick fake perpetrated by a network, or even, God forbid, another marketer who heard this viral thing is hot?

—Posted by Brian Morrissey