LOLads: a day late and a good idea short

Oh good, a LOLcats-themed ad campaign. Just what the world needed. Yet somehow it’s a perfect way to shill a game that sounds more boring than President Forever 2008—Sierra’s Geometry Wars: Galaxies. Yeah, way to not revive the Space Quest franchise in favor of a Euclidian space odyssey, guys. They deserve these crappy ads, which WiiFanboy’s JC Fletcher describes as either “a clever nod from some kids at an advertising firm to Internet culture, or the precise moment that LOLcats stopped being cool or funny.” AdFreak would vote the latter if LOLcats was ever cool or funny, so we’ll supply another option: Is it a desperate attempt to court nerds by hopping onto a lame Internet fad before it gets dragged from the watering hole and left to die? Hopefully, that day is not far off.

—Posted by David Kiefaber