Logos Sure Look Stupid When Rendered in Comic Sans!

But really, what did you expect?

Topping today's list of first-world problems: What would famous logos look like in Comic Sans? Russian designer Oleg Tarasov provides the answer. In almost all cases, they take on a more relaxed, whimsical character. Nike's swoosh, for example, looks less severe, more rounded and organically inviting. I want to give it a hug. (OK, Nike doesn't deserve a hug. "Misled." Yeah, right.) Likewise, Coca-Cola's script takes on a positively bubbly quality, while Harley-Davidson's rough ride gets smoothed out. Lacoste's gator looks like something out of a picture book—you wouldn't gnaw off my limbs, now would you? As for Android, well, it seems the urge to kill all humans has been erased from that bot's programming. Mercedes sports a Woodstock-era peace symbol … far out! And as for eBay, Microsoft and Adidas … well, they achieve a new dimension that can best be described as … oh, screw it. I can't keep up the pretense any longer. These just suck. Thanks a ton, Oleg Tarasov!  There, how does it feel? Not so cute now, is it? Via Laughing Squid.