Living out of your car: a stinky idea?

How do you feel about the living-in-a-car trend in auto ads, aside from the fact that Marc Horowitz, of Nissan’s “7 Days in a Sentra” videos, looks (and acts) a lot like Napoleon Dynamite? A dealer told Horowitz he could live out of his Sentra, so he decided to do so, and Nissan filmed him 24/7 for an entire week. (Horowitz had a specific set of rules, including the difficult No. 10: “I must maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene.”) Chevy is trying something similar with “Aveo Livin’ Large.” It’s challenging teams of two students each from eight colleges to win a 2007 Aveo “by staying in continuous contact with the car for five days and demonstrating just how large a lifestyle they can lead in the car by attracting as much in-person and online attention as possible.” (The site’s down right now, making it hard to know whether alcohol is allowed, to boost “in-person attention.”) With “7 Days in a Sentra,” Nissan says it’s transitioning “from storytelling to conversation.” Meanwhile, Horowitz may be going from funky to rancid.

—Posted by Tim Nudd