Living in Baltimore isn’t fun, says Baltimore

The good side of living in Baltimore—where I happen to reside—has been a well-kept secret for years, and Live Baltimore wants to keep it that way. They recently launched a cheeky anti-marketing campaign of posters that say “When people ask if you love Baltimore, say no” in large print, with small print clarifying: “The less other people know about the city, the cooler it stays for the rest of us.” The ads are running around Baltimore and in D.C.-area Metro stations, but I’m not sure whether they’re trying to encourage outsiders to buy property in the city or convince current residents to stay. Given Baltimore’s reputation, it could be either. The sentiment of not advertising what makes Baltimore cool is unfortunate, though, because plenty of city residents complain about being thought of as a failed urban experiment run by gangs and scumbags. Maybe if we took a little more pride in what makes Baltimore fun, we wouldn’t leave our image in the hands of haters who are really just terrified of living around black people.

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