Live-Action Remake of the Dead Island Zombie Trailer Brings Back All the Horror and Heartbreak

Homage by B.J. McDonnell

You remember the trailer for the zombie video game Dead Island—the horrifying 2011 spot by Scotland's Axis Animation that won a gold Lion at Cannes, yet was so violent and disturbing that it was booed by the audience at the Palais? (Adweek still named it one of that year's 10 best ads.) Well, for whatever reason, Hatchet III director B.J. McDonnell went and made a shot-for-shot, live-action remake of it.

The attention to every gory detail is amazing—and if the emotional impact here is slightly less, that only reinforces the genius of the original, which somehow made you care deeply about a handful of cartoon characters.

Hat tip: @skadweek.

The original: