Little Printer Spits Out Web Stuff, but Is It More Than Just Cute?

Maker says it's the future

Design consultancy/production company BERG, while trying to rethink how people interact with their precious social media, has unveiled the stock ticker of the 21st century: the Little Printer. It's a palm-sized, cubic thermal printer that spits out selected content from news sites and a user's social-media networks at chosen times throughout the day. Each printout is about the size of a receipt, which BERG thinks is small enough not to interfere with the user's life (or give him or her cancer—some thermal paper is coated with an endocrine disruptor). Fast Company has more about it. The Little Printer is meant to enable what BERG calls "incidental media," better known as digital content that doesn't take over your entire life. But the approach seems unfocused. Either this gadget doesn't compete with your computer or smartphone and gets ignored after a couple of weeks, or it demands attention and joins the same class of time-raping B.S. as your computer and smartphone. Whatever the outcome, they should probably rename it the Li'l Printer. It's cuter. More pics and a video after the jump.

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