A little piece of heaven on the Metro North

"Did you ever think that your train ride could be as relaxing as lying on a beach with a Tiki bar at arm’s length?" Deutsch and Westin posed that question in an e-mail pitch. Mostly, I try to keep people’s BlackBerries out of my face and their elbows out of my ribs. Tiki bars don’t enter into it. This summer, Westin is transforming eight New York Metro North bar cars into “beautiful Tiki bars, palm trees and sunset included,” as part of the hotel chain’s “This is how it should feel” campaign. Can’t you almost hear the conductor? “All aboard for 125th Street, New Rochelle, Rowayton … Maui!” One minute you’re kicking back in an air-conditioned mobile Tiki bar, sipping a Mai Tai. The next, you’re stumbling around the filthy, sweltering platform at New Roc City, moaning as the 6:15 disappears around around the bend. “Come back, Tiki bar! This isn’t how it should feel!”

—Posted by David Gianatasio