Little Caesars Looks to Mimes, and the Stars, for Latest Goofy Ads

It's pizza tiiime!

Barton F. Graf 9000's latest spots for Little Caesars are so splendidly, self-consciously stupid, I want to punch myself in the face and watch them all day long. Check out the kid in "Mime." He's a mime on the right side, a regular kid on the left. He's a half-mime, and he talks using only half of his mouth. Awesome! It's such a kooky concept and so perfectly executed, it makes me hate mimes only half as much as I used to. "Stargazing" (posted after the jump) features a father and son scanning the heavens with a telescope when Junior gets a hankering for some pie. The kid spies an impossibly cheesy man-in-the moon—the dude looks like a puffy golf ball—who nods knowingly in the firmament and proclaims that it's "Pizza tiiime!" Ol' crater face delivers the line in such a moronically memorable, sing-song fashion, I'll be mimicking his delivery whenever possible. "Hey, co-workers, it's … weekly meeting tiiime!" "Hey, wife, it's … marriage-counseling tiiime!" The ads tout the chain's Hot-N-Ready service (no need to call ahead, so it's mime-friendly), and I will never, ever get tired of them. Pizza tiiime! Huh. You know what, I'm sick of this stuff already.

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