Listen to Ted Williams’ Mac & Cheese debut


Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, merits sincere kudos for escaping life on the streets and attaining a measure of media stardom. As we mentioned last week, his reward includes hawking Kraft Macaroni & Cheese—and below is the first spot to feature his voiceover. The man's smooth tones espouse a vapid, feel-good Americana that's as gooey as the product being advertised. The guy's got great pipes, and his sensuous delivery of the word cheeeese makes me want to roll around naked in the stuff (though this is a recurring dream of mine anyway). Williams' involvement spices the project with unintended irony and social commentary. In the ad, by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Mac & Cheese saves the day as a suburban family serves the slop to a business contact whom dad unexpectedly brings home to dinner. (Way to impress a big client!) That story line is followed by Williams' pitch. It's jarring to think that the lines are delivered by someone who just months ago couldn't afford a helping of the stuff, and would've had to mug Kraft execs to get their attention. Now, instead of living in junk, he gets paid to shovel it to the masses. It's an American Dream come true … or something. Could these be the final 30 seconds of Williams' 15 minutes of fame? Not so fast. At least three more spots are on the way. UPDATE: Williams has also reportedly been offered a five-second cameo in a Super Bowl commercial. No word on who the advertiser might be.

See footage from Ted's recording session after the jump.