Lingerie Bowl sinks to new heights

LingeriebowliiiThere’s all sorts of great stuff planned for Lingerie Bowl III, the pay-per-view event that will air during halftime of the Super Bowl. Dennis Rodman will be on hand as commissioner. A group of hot girls will play full-tackle football. One lucky sweepstakes winner will get to “tackle a lingerie model on the field during halftime and win a prize.” And perhaps best of all, the broadcast will feature the first public reunion of Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco 14 years after Fisher shot Buttafuoco’s wife in the head. It all sounds like a recipe for great entertainment, doesn’t it? Lonely, overweight guys tackling stick-figure models. Amy and Joey, together again. Let’s the hope the organizers have an EMT or two on hand.

—Posted by Tim Nudd