Lil’ Pepsi Might Be the Cutest Can of Soda Ever (Almost) Invented

A Mini-Me for Halloween

This cute Halloween video from Mekanism introduces a faux product called Lil' Pepsi, "the tiny treat that does the trick at any party!" We're talking about itsy-bitsy cans of soda, maybe 0.5 fluid ounces each, sized to fit in a doll's mini-mini-mini fridge, right next to the itty-bitty beers from that Dish commercial.

We're assured that Lil' Pepsis "are not available anywhere at any time," which is a shame, because most commenters seem enthralled, and Pepsi could make a bundle selling them as curios for keychains and such. (Queens, N.Y., rapper Big Baby Gandhi has a track called "Drink a Lil' Pepsi." It begins: "Drink a lil' Pepsi/Mix it with codeine … Big batch for the whole team." Gosh, I wonder why the song wasn't licensed for this ad?)

Lil' Pepsi sprang from the client's challenge to its in-house marketing execs and domestic agencies to come up with a fun ad concept. The spot is getting a fair share of spooky-week press and starting to pop on YouTube, so I guess that proves there aren't any small ideas. Or maybe it proves there are.