Light Artist Turns Hill Into Giant Illuminated Breast for Cancer Charity

Glorious or insensitive?

British light artist Bruce Munro has turned a piece of the Wiltshire countryside in England into a giant Lite Brite breast. Dubbed the "Beacon on the Hill," the installation is actually a dome made of thousands of plastic bottles that Munro illuminated with pink and blue fiber optics. Munro's intentions were good—the installation supports the Cancerkin charity and has gotten a lot of sponsors—but he's still being criticized for insensitivity, and his beacon has been called "poorly thought out [and] unresearched." I wouldn't go that far, but I will say that I'm not sure how much more awareness-raising breast cancer needs. But for Munro, it was also a personal project. "This hill and surrounding countryside has long been my 'canvas,' " he said last year. "I lost a dear friend very young to breast cancer. By illuminating the night sky for a brief moment, I hope to send the message 'You are not alone.' "