Lifestyles offers sexually liberated comedy

Lifestyles condoms, which we last saw letting it all hang out, has unveiled a new set of online videos created by ad shop AMP in Boston. “Lifestyles Condoms Aim for the Funny Bone,” Brandweek explains. The clips feature standup comedians Noah Starr and Baron Vaugh, who tout Lifestyles and promote frank talk about safe sex. “Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls,” says Carol Carozza, the company’s vp of marketing. She continues: “The variety of people Noah and Baron encounter have a variety of different sexual tastes. With our vast mix of customized products, Lifestyles can accommodate these sexual needs.” Now there’s a refreshing departure from the usual corporate-speak that CMO types dish out to describe new campaigns. Oh wait—funny bone! I just got it. Ha.