‘Life takes Visa’ set for grand premiere

Visa_1There are a bunch of stories today about Visa’s new branding campaign and slogan, “Life takes Visa.” The work, from TBWA\Chiat\Day, will break during the Winter Olympics. The New York Times explores the genesis of the campaign, explaining that the tagline was actually developed four years ago by BBDO. The new campaign is MasterCard-esque in its appeal to emotions. “Using snapshots of universal moments like getting married or learning to dance, Visa hopes to tug at heartstrings as much as purse strings,” says the Times story. Our friends at Adweek quote Visa marketing chief Suzanna Lyons recounting the moment when TBWA\C\D’s Lee Clow embraced the new slogan. “He walked into a room in his sandals and shorts where we had hundreds of taglines posted all over. He pointed to ‘Life takes Visa’ and said, ‘That’s a good one.’” It’s unclear if Clow was bathed in a halo of light at the time, or if music swelled. A new Web site, LifeTakesVisa.com, doesn’t seem to be active yet, but ClickZ News says it will feature “short-form videos that attempt to capture ‘little universal truth moments,’” including “one video [that] depicts guys having a pillow fight.” Guys having a pillow fight is a little universal truth moment? I had no idea. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

—Posted by Tim Nudd