Levi’s wants it both ways, and it’s working!

Levi’s artsy, monochrome Cutwater campaign celebrates the "average woman," comfortable with herself and her Levi’s jeans. Meanwhile, the brand’s sophomoric EVB-produced viral effort urges the gruffer sex to "Unbutton your beast," as if we needed the added provocation. My first thought: Oh, those denim jerks, they’re trying to have it both ways. My revised opinion: Those button-fly geniuses, they’re trying to have it both ways—and succeeding! Both campaigns are perfectly tailored (ha!) to their respective audiences: empowering and sympathetic for the ladies, disposable and "naughty" for the gents. The ads aimed at women are cinematic, for the sex that insists on schlepping out to the movies on Friday nights. The work targeting men lives on the Web, because that’s where we watch our porn. I mean, where we check out movie schedules to plan fun Friday nights for our significant others. What’s more, both campaigns have received their share of mainstream and trade-press attention, touting the Levi’s brand well beyond the paid-media investment. So, kudos, Levi’s! Too bad the economy’s shot and soon no one will be able to afford jeans. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go unbutton … I mean, buy some movie tickets for the weekend. (Phew, nice save!)

—Posted by David Gianatasio