Let’s really have some fun and call them Red Bull New York/New Jersey

In a comical twist, one influential New Jersey fellow says he hates the MetroStars’ new name, “Red Bull New York,” not because of the “Red Bull” part but because of the “New York.” George Zoffinger, CEO of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, says he will try to block Red Bull’s rights to use Giants Stadium unless “New Jersey” is made part of the name. “Our lawyers are looking at this,” he says ominously. Never mind that the Giants and the Jets use Giants Stadium without any fuss. Meanwhile, among MetroStars fans, resignation may have set in concerning the name change. “There are a lot of positives [about the Red Bull investment]. We just don’t want to be a soda can supporters club,” the president of the team’s top fan group tells the AP. The team’s general manager, Alexi Lalas, puts it this way: “Branding is all fine and well, but when you have a company making this level of investment in a team, a league, in a sport, if the worst thing they want to do is rebrand something, it’s a small price to pay.”