Let’s let Orville rest in peace

In case you missed this exceedingly creepy Orville Redenbacher spot on the Golden Globes on Monday night, here it is. Yes, this is the one from Crispin Porter + Bogusky in which Orville rises from the dead. I know that in his day—and let’s reiterate, that time has passed—Orville was a somewhat lovable, quirky spokesman. But it’s hard to figure out the point of bringing back a digitized version of him, particularly if he’s likely to induce nightmares. As for the (so-called) plot of the ad, he’s listening to an MP3 player during the whole spot and actually exclaims, “Do you believe this little baby holds 30 gigs?” Good lord. And what’s with the group of … I guess they’re office workers in the background, who, instead of running screaming from the corporate cafeteria at the sight of a dead man in their midst, only look on quizzically?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor