Leonardo DiCaprio Can't Get the Girl in Chinese Cell-Phone Ads

Leonardo DiCaprio's a big star—an entire generation of female moviegoers lost their virginity to other guys while moaning his name. Leo can get any girl he wants. But he lets some annoying mystery babe jerk him around in this campaign for Chinese cell-phone maker Oppo. Why is he so obsessed with some random chick who keeps eluding him in Paris? She keeps running off without a word, and she almost runs Leo down with a motorbike. She's not a great catch, man! Director Jeremy Haccoun filmed five cinematic spots in all—see some teasers and the first two :30s below. (The other three are apparently forthcoming.) They look great—stylistically and thematically reminiscent of Inception. DiCaprio reportedly got paid $5 million to pout, over-emote and bark commands to cabbies in these ads, so Ms. Mystery might want to quit playin' the dude and let him find her already.