Legal Sea Foods ads tell tall tales of fishing

DeVito/Verdi casts a wide net—too wide, perhaps—in its latest work for Legal Sea Foods, presenting comical history lessons on "This day in fishing history." We get grainy seafaring footage with captains who celebrate when their catches finally meet Legal's lofty standards. The company's transit campaigns have become mildly notorious around its home port of Boston for mildly risqué themes, and these new spots amplify that effect. One channels an old Whose Line Is It Anyway? bit, as we meet a fisherman who was so pleased to gain Legal's acceptance, "he went home and swabbed his first mate's deck … if you know what I mean." Yeah, we know. Another salty dog gets a new nickname, Captain Catch. "Which he greatly preferred over his previous nickname, 'The Cockle Gobbler.' " Uh huh. In that general spirit, I'd sum up the campaign thusly: Thar she blows.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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