LeBron has questions. Fans have answers.

There's no questioning the incredible artistry of LeBron James' new Nike spot from Wieden + Kennedy, but there sure is plenty of answering to do. James spends 90 seconds lobbing rhetorical questions, and fans have spent the last few days offering up some candid (and occasionally hilarious) answers for The King's consideration. Watch the spot below, then, after the jump, check out some of the better answers we've culled from across the Internet.

Q. Should I admit that I’ve made mistakes?
A. The words would mean a lot more if they came from him and weren’t written for him by Nike or an ad agency. A spot won’t rehabilitate his image, but an apology would have.

Jim Rome

Q. Should I remind you I’ve done this before?
A. What? Stared at your high school’s trophy case? I’m not impressed.

—Sam Toth, BleacherReport.com

Q. Should I just sell shoes?
A. Because that's basically what I've been doing so far and it's worked out pretty good.

—Matthew Callan, ScratchBomb.com

Q. Should I tell you I'm a championship chaser?
A. Yes, please tell us that.

—Miami Heat fan MiMi Cook, AssociatedContent.com

Q. Should I stop listening to my friends? They’re my friends.
A. Yeah. You should. Listen, I have a best friend at home named Squibb and he passed out in a veterinarian’s office because he watched his cat take a rectal thermometer. I love the guy to death. Best friend ever. Couldn’t ask for more. But just because he’s my best friend on Earth, and I grew up with him and played basketball with him all the time, does not mean he’s the person best equipped to handle my career. He passed out when he saw a cat take a rectal thermometer, for crying out loud. He doesn’t have the stomach for this.


Q. Should I try acting?
A. No, you could never replace Tubbs.

—Broken Baller, GearUpForSports.com

Q. What should I do?
A. Keep making millions, while us fans and haters check out your youtube videos.

—usernamePEN15, YouTube.com

Q: Should I be who you want me to be?
A: I want you to be a tremendously talented basketball player. Try just doing that for a while.

—Mary Paoletti, CSNNE.com