LeBron adds a blogger to his entourage

It’s tough to be the king. Sure, an NBA role player like Minnesota’s Mark Madsen can find time to blog. Even Agent Zero himself, Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas, has the wherewithal to manage a pretty in-depth (and often wildly entertaining) All-Star blog. Heck, Mark Cuban finds time outside of running the Dallas Mavericks and HDNet to post regular 1,000-word missives about YouTube’s impending demise. I was expecting something similar when I followed the “Check out the latest stuff on my blog” link on LeBron James’s new MSN Web site. But “King” James has decided to outsource blogging duties to a freelance writer, Emil Wilbekin. So far, the entries are really banal—­Emil introducing himself and recounting his first starstruck meeting with LeBron. Isn’t the whole point of blogs to be a personal publishing medium? Who wants to read a guy on LeBron’s payroll writing about LeBron? “He’s dressed to kill. He’s wearing a navy blue sweater and matching wool pants. He’s got a yellow, baby blue, and navy scarf loosely tied around his neck. He’s wearing huge diamond studs in each ear and Bose headphones around his neck. He struts into the room like a movie star. Think Cary Grant meets Denzel Washington.” Yikes. Stop typing for a little while, champ.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey