At least it’s more tasteful than eggvertising

You’ve heard of the veggie wrap, but have you heard of the "content wrap"? We hadn’t either, until we read this story from the AP about how the new CW mash-up network (created through the merger of UPN and the WB) is planning to offer advertisers little two-minute programs embedded with product placement—thus the moniker "content wrap." Occasionally, instead of standard commercials, the programlets would be shown at the beginning, middle and end of a CW series, and might contain promotional tie-ins to further engage viewers. The theory is, of course, that it will lessen the TiVo effect, but, as has always been the case with TV programming and TV commercials, if they’re going to work, they’d better be good. Having not seen one, and having no idea which advertisers have signed up, we still would put money on it being better than CBS’s eggvertising.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor