Lay’s ads in Canada proving truly explosive

"Just potatoes, all-natural oil and a dash of salt." That's the voiceover line delivered right before the tagline, "Happiness is simple," in Canadian agency Juniper Park's campaign for Lay's potato chips. Well, maybe there's a little something extra in those chips, because the spots are getting trippy in a most righteous way. First, we were treated to the surreal office-filled-with-blow-up-dolls opus. Ah, a happy office indeed. Here, we have a farm-belt setting for "Fireworks," which (perhaps unintentionally) seems to skewer the predictably happy commercial formula with a so-hokey-it-works climax plucked from every junk-food addict's dream. Two memorable Lay's commercials in as many days? I don't think there were that many in the previous 20 years.

—Posted by David Gianatasio