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Fedex_logo_1To his credit, Jose Avila is stumped why his little project involving turning FedEx boxes into furniture has received so much attention. To recap: After furnishing his new apartment with furniture he made with FedEx boxes, Jose posted his handiwork online. FedEx, which apparently didn’t get that “consumers are in control” memo from Pete Blackshaw, brought out the lawyers with a cease-and-desist letter (sent via FedEx). While FedEx might not like Jose’s ingenuity, other marketers see some potential: has sent him a funky lamp to decorate his cardboard endtable, and this week Jose gave a positive review of a mattress Dormia sent that apparently is more comfortable than sleeping directly on boxes. While he’s set up a “sponsors” section on his site, Jose’s not all about the monetization, though: He turned down a $16,000 offer for the site.

 —Posted by Brian Morrissey